"Hello, hello, our motivated and resilient friends from all over the world. We do our traditional annual report from summer to summer (because why not?), but this time, it was hard to remember what we did and planned before February 24, 2022. A week before the full-scale war in Ukraine broke out, we held a big strategic session, planned ambitious goals, and made a long-awaited team photo shoot. In March, we stayed in touch with each other and the project participants and rushed to solve volunteer tasks on the field. But in April, we returned to work on strategically important projects: developing and supporting mindful entrepreneurship. Teaching, attracting investment to Ukraine, and continuing to set and achieve ambitious goals is our approach. We will win! Glory to Ukraine!"

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    Always your School of ME team

Updated Mission of School of ME

Through our educational, consulting, and support activities, we help motivated people engage in mindful entrepreneurship.

We have chosen our global UN goals

Among the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, our work directly contributes to them:


We create innovative educational activities and provide access to those segments of the population previously deprived of such opportunities.


Mindful entrepreneurship involves not only solving social problems but also a decent reward for doing so.


It is only through joint efforts at all levels - governmental, economic, and private - that we can change the world for the better.

Key indicators

6 projects

were in operation during the year

300+ people

participated in our projects during the year

4.577.631 ₴

allocated to the development of mindful entrepreneurship in 2021 (financial report)

Key achievements of the year

What did we do during the year? With whom and how did we do it?

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    Social Impact Day

    September 30, 2021
    Kyiv, Ukraine

    It was the first large-scale event of this format for our organization. It was an international conference on impact entrepreneurship, including an award ceremony for the Social Impact Award Ukraine 2021 project winners.

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    Social Student Companies to Activate the Youth

    January-December, 2022

    We continue to develop social school entrepreneurship as part of the Social Student Companies to Activate the Youth project, implemented in partnership with ChildFund Deutschland e.V. with the financial support of the Federal Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany. This year, the project focused on helping overcome wartime challenges - coaching and psychological support for school-enterprise teams.

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    May-December, 2021

    We are running the STALI project, an incubation program on crowdfunding and self-reliance to boost NGOs and social entrepreneurs. Representatives of 19 teams from all over Ukraine prepared and conducted their crowdfunding campaigns and rethought their approach to sustainability and self-reliance. The participants raised over UAH 1.6 million in crowdfunding for humanitarian and social projects. 

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    Accelerator UNFPA Ukraine x School of ME

    May-December, 2021

    In partnership with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), we implemented an accelerator project for social enterprises. It aims to develop 10 social enterprises that share EMBRACE's goal and support women. The project has already launched a pilot initiative, the Career Hub, where women who have been subjected to gender-based violence can receive counseling to increase their economic independence and professional development.

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    18:35. Business Support for Youth-led Enterprises

    April-December, 2022

    One of the most significant achievements of this year is our partnership with international organizations IREX and MCI in implementing the Rapid Business Support Program for Youth-led Enterprises (18:35. Business Support for Youth-led Enterprises). As part of this project, with our partners' help, we have created a program to provide financial support of $10,000 for each participant, as well as a consulting component to support the development of enterprises with the help of mentors and experts on various business issues.

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    Social Impact Award Ukraine 2022

    May-September, 2022

    We are holding the second national competition for the Social Impact Award, an international initiative developing innovative youth social startups in Europe, Asia, and Africa since 2009. This program supports innovative ideas of social entrepreneurship and, for more than 11 years of its existence, has prepared a massive amount of educational materials on social entrepreneurship for young people in various aspects and developed a methodology for implementing a training project and an incubation platform by the highest international standards. This year, twice as many teams - 20 - will undergo a full-fledged incubation program. The best ones will receive grants to support their ideas and join the international community of social entrepreneurs covering 18 countries.

Partners and Donors

We are sincerely pleased that we continue to develop strong relationships with our regular partners and to attract new friends with whom we jointly implement breakthrough projects.


Details about all our projects

Social Impact Day

  • International conference and award ceremony Social Impact Award Ukraine 2021

    On September 30, 2021, representatives of foundations, NGOs, and social businesses from Ukraine and the EU gathered in Kyiv to discuss the future of impact entrepreneurship. The European Union and the International Renaissance Foundation supported the conference as part of the EU4USociety joint initiative. The School of ME team was a co-organizer of the conference.

  • Conference program

    1. Introductory speeches on achieving social impact in a pandemic by invited guests (among others - Martijn Blom, Lead Impact Funds Initiative at EVPA and representative for members in Benelux)
    2. Motivational speeches by impact entrepreneurs:● Andriy Ivchatov, Founder of the social enterprise Samotuzhka; ● Oleh Zdrenyk, Founder of the social bakery Dobrodiy and the social sewing workshop Dobrodiy 2.0 ● Alina Marnenko, Head and co-founder of the museum in the darkness Three After Midnight; ● Anatoliy Pavlenko, Head of the NGO Association of Social Enterprises of Ukraine, Deputy Executive Director of the social enterprise Svitlo Nadii; ● Vitaliy Pcholkin, co-founder of the social enterprise InvaFishki; ● Yuriy Lopatynskyi, Executive Director of the Nut House Foundation).
    3. Panel discussion "Financial Resources for Impact Business in Ukraine" moderated by Dr. Bohdan Androshchuk, Head of Eastern Partnership Countries, ChildFund Deutschland. Also participating in the discussion were: ● Vasyl Nazaruk, Head of Social Investment Program, Western NIS Enterprise Fund; ● Yuriy Fylyuk, Initiator and CEO of the Promprylad.Renovation project, founder of the Teple Misto platform ● Iryna Solovey, Community Development Strategist and President of Garage Gang, co-founder of the Big Idea social innovation platform; ● Victoria Mykolayuk, Head of the Board, VPLYV Fund
    4. Panel discussion "Non-financial resources for impact business" moderated by Alyona Kalibaba, Board member, Silab Ukraine. The panelists were: ● Ana Janosev, Program and Community Lead, Social Impact Award;● Artem Kornetskyi, Co-Founder and CEO, School of ME;● Martijn Blom, Lead Impact Funds Initiative at EVPA and representative for members in Benelux.
    5. Pitching and awarding of the winners of the largest European youth social business incubator Social Impact Award Ukraine 2021

  • Winners of the Social Impact Award Ukraine 2021

    The conference culminated with the pitching and awarding the winners of the largest European youth social business incubator, Social Impact Award Ukraine 2021. Ten startup teams had been preparing for this event for more than two months to present their game-changing startups to the jury. 
    As a result of the voting, the jury awarded three teams with grants of 1500 euros each:
    IONKIDAn IT solution for automatically documenting ABA therapies, analyzing a child's progress with ASD, and creating a curriculum. We allow to scale of the presence of supervisors and involve parents in therapies, which is vital in the context of a shortage of specialists.
    CupToUThe to-go beverage service produces endless waste in the form of disposable cups. The idea is to unite the city's coffee shops in a system of renting reusable cups for this service and minimize the amount of disposable waste.
    Check ItThis game for schoolchildren and a modern teacher's assistant allows them to develop fact-checking skills while studying classical disciplines.
    Based on the community's vote, a grant of 500 euros was awarded to the Challity team, a motivational app that solves the biggest problem of the 21st century - procrastination and lack of motivation. Here you can create a variety of challenges in the categories of sports, health, education, family, and leisure.
    A separate prize for a project aimed at promoting inclusion was awarded to Inclusive mobility 365 (IM365), a project to organize an inclusive route for a child with special educational needs aged 3-18 (city and district) between all authorities (state, commercial) that provide educational and social services 24/7.



Among the impact companies are Silicon Valley and small businesses around the world. It is important that impact investment programmes are increasingly being implemented at the state and community level. It’s a win-win solution!

 Martijn Blom

Head of the Impact Funds Initiative from EVPA

#StudBiz - Social Student Companies to Activate the Youth

  • About the project

    The project Social Student Companies to Activate the Youth is implemented by School of ME in partnership with Kinderhilfswerk ChildFund Deutschland e.V. with the financial support of the Federal Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany Auswärtiges Amt.

    This is a large-scale initiative to develop social school entrepreneurship (SSE). We have created a system of local support for SSEs by training coaches to assist students and mentors from school administrations to ensure the effectiveness of this process.

  • Program updates

    Last year, we selected participating schools based on which social school enterprises were created. This year, the project focused on supporting existing social school enterprises under martial law.
    We conducted a comprehensive online support program for established social school enterprises. The program includes training of trainers and project supervisors (training of trainers) in teaching students involved in the work of social school enterprises. Subsequently, the trainers and mentors conduct training activities (mentoring and coaching) for schoolchildren on personal emotional resilience (mindfulness) and business development in the face of uncertainty.This support includes several areas:

  • NEW Component 1: 20 meetings for mentors and trainers

    We have developed a support program for curators and trainers consisting of group consultations.We planned to hold 20 such sessions, but we will hold more - than 24.The general topics of the consultations were developed in communication with the project participants by their current requests and included:● Design thinking and development of creative solutions;● Organizational development and strategy;● Facilitation and moderation of activities;● Interactive game-based learning methods for adolescents and adults;● Non-violent communication and decision-making in the group;● Project development and management.
    Group consultations were conducted by expert Anna Hladka (member of the School of ME project team).About the expert: Project manager, trainer, facilitator, lawyer. Areas of expertise: project design and management, social entrepreneurship, business planning, design thinking and creative solution development, organizational development and strategy, facilitation and moderation of activities, interactive and game-based learning methods for adolescents and adults, non-violent communication, and group decision-making.

  • NEW Component 2: 20 meetings of mentors with students of social school enterprises twice a week

    After training with the expert, the curators pass on the knowledge gained to the students who are members of the school's social enterprises. Trainers conduct the meetings.As an additional component of this area, professional trainers Svitlana Revurko and Ksenia Korotchenko were involved in some of these meetings.The coaches participated in 20 meetings, conducting them as full-fledged training, increasing the positive effect on social school enterprises.

  • NEW Component 3: Mentoring program from trainers for teams of SSEs (social school enterprises)

    The SSE coaches, who helped develop the SSE in the early stages of the project, provided a total of 55 hours of consultations during 27 meetings, tailored to the individual needs of the enterprises.

  • NEW Component 4: Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program

    Taking into account the difficult psychological situation in which the project participants found themselves due to Russia's military invasion of Ukraine, we have prepared an MBSR course as a way of psychological support in these challenging conditions. A course on stress reduction based on mindfulness practices.
    Mindfulness-based stress reduction is a consistent, intensive program for all people to reduce stress and increase awareness in everyday life.
    It is based on the concept of "mindfulness" - an unbiased, non-judgmental, gentle, friendly, and instantaneous awareness of the processes occurring in the mind, body, and their interaction. Physical sensations, perceptual processes, emotional responses and reactions, thoughts, imagination, etc., are perceived and observed. All these phenomena are realized without comparison, without judgment, without avoidance, and struggle but with a wiser attitude of acceptance and compassion. Mindfulness is a form of natural observation of the events of the inner world that usually occur unconsciously. The Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program was created by John Kabat-Zinn, a biologist, and professor of medicine at the University of Massachusetts in 1979, and is now the "gold standard" of mindfulness training, the most scientifically based program in the world. MBSR, in turn, has its roots in Eastern philosophical practices, although it is entirely secular in nature.

STALI. Incubator for NGOs and social entrepreneurs

  • About the project

    The project 'STALI. Incubator for NGOs and Social Entrepreneurs' is implemented by School of ME with the support of ISAR Ednannia within the framework of the Civil Society Sectoral Support Initiative implemented by Isar Ednannia in consortium with the Ukrainian Center for Independent Political Research (UCIPR) and the Center for Democracy and Rule of Law (CEDEM) thanks to the generous support of the American people provided through the United States Agency for International Development USAID Ukraine - USAID Ukraine

  • Project description

    ● 8 months of immersion in incubation and strengthening of projects, products, and teams● 3 educational and 3 practical modules on crowdfunding and self-reliance21 teams from all over Ukraine were enrolled in the incubation program; immediately after the training, participants launched crowdfunding campaigns● Strengthening communities - participants will hold 2 online workshops in their communities and share their experience and opportunities of crowdfunding for local organizations● Pitching projects to entrepreneurs, CSR businesses, and potential stakeholders 

  • Who got into the incubation program?

    Among 38 applications, we selected 21 participating teams from 10 different regions of Ukraine:
    💛Double N
    💛English to the East
    💛Community Development Agency "Intonation of Changes"
    💛The Vlada Brusilovskaya Fund (this organization has since withdrawn)
    💛Constellation Korostiv - NGO Constellation Korostiv
    💛Lviv Open Lab
    💛ARR of the Tavrian Association of Territorial Communities
    💛Zero Waste Society NGO
    💛Central Regional Public Information Center "Podilskyi Krai"
    💛Kremidivka, German Cultural Center
    💛Roboclub IF
    💛Public organization #SuperDetka
    💛Big Hug
    💛Center for the Development of Hearing Impaired Children
    💛"Sunny people"
    💛Charitable Foundation "Impulse.UA" (this organization was later withdrawn)
    💛Tour club "Manivtsi"

  • Training program

    The 6-module training program was completed in 2021.

    Also, each team, accompanied by representatives of the School of ME NGO (selectively), conducted 2 online workshops on crowdfunding and self-reliance for local NGOs and SEs in their region.

    The focus of 2022 was in 2 areas:
    Conducting crowdfunding campaigns to raise funds for the projects of the incubator's participating organizations.
    Developing a practical guide to crowdfunding based on the project results.

    In the first direction, the incubator teams conducted crowdfunding campaigns in one form or another, raising more than UAH 1.6 million to implement their ideas. In addition, the project participants raised more than 700 thousand hryvnias for the humanitarian needs of victims of Russia's military aggression in Ukraine.

    In the second direction, a guide on crowdfunding called Crowdfunding for Changemakers was created.

Words of the graduates

Words of the graduates

Crowdfunding is an opportunity to strengthen and expand the community of supporters of your project or initiative. Crowdfunding is team building and a test of your team's strength. Crowdfunding is a plus to your "resume" for a donor or patron. We have proven to ourselves that we are able to enlist the support of our idea, better understand the portrait of our audience, and become bolder and more confident in what we are doing. As a pleasant (but, in fact, the main) bonus, we have the resources to develop a website for our organization.

Anna Devyatko

117 238₴+15 000 ₴ to the NGO's account

English To The East | Місто

Accelerator for Social Enterprises UNFPA Ukraine x School of ME

  • About the project

    In 2021, the UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) supported 10 women's social enterprises.
    At the turn of 2021-2022, the School of Me team was involved in a business accelerator project to support these enterprises.

    During the Accelerator, which lasted from November 2021 to March 2022, all 10 participating enterprises received a personal mentor assigned to them. Together with the mentor, each company developed important strategic documents individualized for each company. The mentor also accompanies the first steps of the project participants' development.

  • Who got into the incubation program?

    📌 Greenhouses of the Good Field (Dobropillia). We grow salads and spices, and create conditions for socialization, professional development and financial stability of women in vulnerable situations or victims of violence.

    📌Studio of prints "Everything is possible" at the sewing company "Zshyto Kruto" (Melitopol). Sewing production and a workshop for 15 jobs, where they create T-shirts, hoodies, dresses, shirts, soft toys, packaging bags, and medical clothing.

    📌Social atelier Butterfly (Lviv). The atelier provides services in the field of tailoring, textiles, knitted and embroidered products, and the atelier also creates opportunities for women's self-development, in particular, trainings and personal supervision are organized for the company's employees.

    📌 Aesthetic studio "Source of Beauty in Monaco" (Vinnytsia). An aesthetic studio providing pedicure and podiatry services. Our mission is to help women and girls who have suffered from gender-based violence, including domestic violence, to strengthen their internal and professional potential and become economically independent.

    📌 W2W: WOMEN TO WOMEN (Cherkasy). Sewing micro-enterprise for sewing eco-bags and knitting eco-bags in macrame technique with an online store.

    📌 Printing studio "My space" at the Social Enterprise "Training and Production Center" (Poltava). Printing studio. We will create exclusive clothes for you, taking into account all your wishes!

    📌 ADoro Cafe (Kryvyi Rih). A coffee shop with Italian coffee, breakfasts and light evening snacks. Specialty coffee and hot drinks, tea in winter, lemonades, smoothies, ice cream in summer.

    📌 "New Life" (Zaporizhzhia). Development and production of children's construction sets, blanks for children's creativity, home and interior goods, creativity and design. The assortment includes many products for the manufacture of which only high-quality plywood is used.

    📌 GG Space coffee shop (Mykolaiv). The coffee shop, which is based on the GG space "Career Development Office", provides comprehensive psychological and counseling services aimed at strengthening the economic capacity of women who have suffered from domestic violence.

    📌 Visual content studio ENJI - Light & Shadow (Kherson). Photo and video services: studio shooting, reporting, on-site photo shoots, photos of goods/services. Our goal: to ensure women's economic independence by creating conditions for running their own business in creating photo/video content.

  • "The Key to Freedom". Social enterprise fair

    As part of the project, an open event, Key to Freedom, was held in Kyiv on December 10-12, 2022. A social enterprise fair organized by the United Nations Population Fund in Ukraine - UNFPA Ukraine with the support of the UK government.

18:35. Rapid Business Support Program for Youth-led Enterprises

  • What is Rapid Business Support Program for Youth-led Enterprises?

    The project's main goal is to expand economic opportunities through youth innovation, entrepreneurship, and career readiness. As part of the rapid business support program for youth enterprises, "18:35. Business Support", we selected 20 youth businesses (small and medium-sized), which were provided with expertise to develop an individual plan for the recovery and adaptation of business during and after the hostilities, as well as with funds to realize their business goals. 
    The project is being implemented under the "Mriemo ta diemo" program with the support of the International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX) and Making Cents International (MCI).

  • What is the program about?

    ✔ Individualized expert assessment of specific business needs and development of a plan for quick and focused support

    ✔ Assistance in changing the focus of the business and reorientation (if necessary), adapting the business to the conditions of doing business during and after the war

    ✔ Access to financial assistance and expert support to support the company's recovery plan and realize business goals. Each of the selected participants will have the opportunity to receive about $10,000 to develop and support their own business (the final amount of financial assistance will be determined individually for each company).

    ✔ Business counseling and mentoring to provide ongoing support to youth businesses in implementing their recovery plan and managing their financing. Each enterprise will be assigned a mentor who will work with it for at least 2 hours per week for 4 months.
    Invited experts will advise each business for at least 1 hour every 2 weeks for 4 months. Mentoring/expert support will cover the following topics (but the list of topics is not exhaustive):
    → financial management
    → sales and marketing
    → risk management
    → market entry
    → logistics
    → supply and inventory management system
    → general management
    → Communications, innovation and digital technologies
    → Business/organization development and business sustainability
    → strategic planning, financing, etc.

    ✔ Familiarization with other existing financial opportunities for business support

  • Selection of participants

    On May 5, 2022, we announced the start of the selection process for the Program on various information resources.
    During the selection process, 239 applications for participation were received from Ukrainian enterprises, of which 168 passed the technical selection for compliance with the formal participation criteria (at least 50% of business founders under the age of 35 and/or at least 50% of the company's management under the age of 35).
    The Commission, consisting of 8 people (2 representatives of IREX, two representatives of MCI, four representatives of School of Me), conducted a preliminary assessment of the 168 applications admitted to the selection by the developed and agreed assessment methodology. 
    On May 31, 2022, from 11:00 to 15:00, a meeting of the Application Evaluation Committee was held. A list of 20 companies was determined from among the applications that scored the highest points. 

  • Selected enterprises

    ● Social enterprise "AnVita clinic medical center"
    ● VESNA (individual entrepreneur Inna Skarzhynska)
    ● IT-Banda (individual entrepreneur Grigory Ivanovich Grudiy)
    ● Skrylnyk Family Farm (Volodar-S and Fortuna-2015 farms)
    ● Individual entrepreneur Teplyakov A. I. (TM ShkodaModa)
    ● 12Climb (OneTwoClimb) individual entrepreneur Yevhen Kozak
    ● Individual entrepreneur Trush Sergey Mikhailovich (Zhu-zhushop)
    ● StartCraft ( individual entrepreneur D.V. Sentyabryov)
    ● Individual entrepreneur Y. Peretyatko
    ● Smoky meat from Taras LLC
    ● Uda.and.Meat (individual entrepreneur Konovalov Artem Vladimirovich)
    ● Enterprise "System solutions"
    ● Deputy LLC
    ● Individual entrepreneur Novitsky O.P.
    ● Craft Bread Workshop "Agroelf" (Partner 1 (sole proprietor Shmygol S.O.), Partner 2 (sole proprietor Feofilov A.I.)
    ● Individual entrepreneur Kalinina Olena Anatoliivna
    ● Individual entrepreneur Zeleny Bogdan Bogdanovich
    ● LYALYA, a crafty Georgian cafe ( individual entrepreneur Timur Fedorenko)
    ● Social enterprise "Tourclub Manivtsi" (Stupko Sofia Petrivna) 

  • Program activities

    ● A survey and interviews were conducted with the selected 20 participating enterprises to determine their current needs for business development assistance;● Based on the survey results, the training program was adapted to the individual characteristics of the selected enterprises;● Mentors were selected, and each team was assigned a mentor. The mentoring support program lasts three months, with 8 hours of mentoring per month, for a total of 24 hours per team;● Nine experts have been selected to advise businesses:- Zoya Kravchenko - accounting and audit - Maryna Bohun - communications - Ksenia Pecherska - legal issues  - Lyudmyla Kryzhanovska - fundraising - Olga Gvozdeva - export and international markets- Ivan Koryakin - finance  - Lilia Kuzyk - branding  - Halyna Yanyshivska - marketing  - Oleg Duma - marketing  ● Together with mentors, business plans were developed for all 20 companies;Under the developed business plans, the companies filled out documents for receiving grants of up to $10,000 to cover the costs of adapting their businesses to the challenges of wartime and scaling up their operations;● It is planned to provide 20 grants to project participants with the help of partners;● For developing small and medium-sized businesses in Ukraine, the project provides 6 video podcasts on various topics, from strategic planning to export activities.

  • Partners

    The project "18:35. Business Support" is implemented under the "Mriemo ta diemo" program, which is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by IREX in partnership with Making Cents International (MCI) and School of ME.
    The International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX) is an international nonprofit organization specializing in international education and development assistance.
    Making Cents International (MCI) is a dynamic social enterprise that has increased economic opportunity in developing countries for over 12 years. So far, more than 130 projects have been implemented in more than 60 countries. 

Social Impact Award Ukraine 2022 Incubator

  • About the project

    A large-scale project to develop social innovation startups in Ukraine. All activities are divided into four areas: education, community, popularization, and support. Among 42 teams of social startups, we selected the TOP 20 to participate in the incubation program.

    The Social Impact Award Ukraine 2022 was made possible with the support of SAP, Ukrainian Social Venture Fund, and SILab Ukraine.

  • Project description

    ● Among all the applications, the authoritative jury of the competition selected 20 participating projects that will be included in the incubation program
    ● Based on the results of the incubation program, the jury will select 4 winning projects in the final competition, each of which will receive a first investment of €1500. Additionally, a fourth winner will be selected by open vote. Representatives of the winning project will receive an additional prize of €1500.
    ● The free online incubation program is available for 20 selected projects from July to September 2022.
    Each team will have access to closed workshops to gain new knowledge on social entrepreneurship and networking.
    ● Each team will receive support from a personal mentor to help them understand specific issues of running a social business.

  • How did we select the participants?

    During the selection process, 42 project applications were submitted through the SIA platform. The 42 applications were selected based on the following criteria:1) Social value (impact):● Relevance of the chosen problem for the target audience.● The value and significance of the project's contribution to society.
    2) Innovation:● Novelty and non-standard approach to solving the problem.● Difference from existing solutions.
    3) Implementation:● Realism of the business model.● Availability of resources for implementation or understanding how to get them.
    4) Team:● Experience and potential of the project team members.● Motivation of team members to implement the project.
    A jury of 9 well-known experts was selected to complete the selection process.

  • Who got into the incubation program?

    20 Ukrainian social startups joined the Social Impact Award community

    CCW Change. Collect. Win. CCW is a business idea in which every month, active people who have handed over the most recyclable materials will receive a gift: cash or gift certificates or merchandise, and thus attract more people to do so.

    Change - change the environment, Collect - collect recyclables and donate them, Win - be active in the monthly Add to the Armed Forces competition.

    Scally is an emotional support bot in Telegram developed in cooperation with oncologists. The bot helps to cope with anxiety, anger, burnout, devaluation of efforts and ignoring one's own needs.

    Melt Water. A unique technical solution for obtaining premium drinking water, thanks to the innovative Freezing Process technology from water of ANY salt content, including sea water. In fact, we have the technology to solve one of the global problems of mankind.

    Sentio. The social enterprise Sentio aims to help school-age children with visual impairments to receive a quality education in Ukrainian secondary schools by developing and producing tactile learning materials.

    Vbrani is a social enterprise that helps elderly people create knitted products not only to have space for development, but also for better integration into society and additional income.

    The Plan E Eco Hub is a space that combines a recycling sorting and recycling station, a vegan coffee shop and zero-waste store, work and study spaces, an incubator for environmental startups, and an office of an environmental NGO.

    10:11 Mentoring Program - A mentoring and non-formal education program for high school students, where they work with a personal mentor for 3 months to develop soft skills and career guidance.

    Financial literacy in every school. A financial literacy course for children aged 9-12 in 50 secondary schools with Ukrainian students. Also, to train other teachers to teach the course by providing them with access to course materials and teaching aids.

    Gene(ration) of Changes. BlackCherry Studio by Gene(ration) of Changes is a socially responsible school photo and video production studio where the team (students of Vinnytsia Technical Lyceum) develops the media sphere of the social sector and teaches their peers.

    Volunteering Map. An interactive online map of volunteer activities that simplifies communication and logistics between Ukrainian volunteers and those affected by the humanitarian crisis caused by the war.

    Arrow Foundation. Arrow's ideology is a simple idea of bringing together local businesses and volunteers to turn the collective power of consumers into a financial force that saves lives.

    Marketing agency Manfred & Polina. A marketing agency that deals with cultural and social projects.
    Talents for U. Charity marketplace for services. Ukrainian talents and entrepreneurs offer services, we promote them to the European market, and all proceeds from sales go to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

    Sustainable Agency. This is the first consulting agency in Ukraine specializing in sustainable business education programs for small and medium-sized enterprises in Ukraine. Our working principle is 3P (People, Planet, Profit).

    Psychological development and support programs "EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE". Psychological development and support programs, with the addition of acting tools for people aged 15-65, aimed at maintaining psychological health and life during the war and after (dealing with the consequences in the future)

    Traveling bag. Sewing reusable bags for people in need who seek help from TARILKA food banks.

    Dad's Brigade. A project of psychosocial support for children in families of fallen soldiers as a result of Russia's full-scale invasion. The goal is to promote the well-being of families who have lost their loved ones and to enhance their strengths.

    Online course "Internet Marketing". The project is aimed at teaching children and youth the basics of Internet marketing Children participating in the project will learn the skills of creating marketing strategies and promoting services and goods through Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Google Ad

    Galaretka. A consumer goods store of local and national production, whose share of profits will cover the formation and delivery of grocery packages for the elderly and seniors in difficult life circumstances.

    The Sewing Shop of the Volunteer Humanitarian Center. The sewing shop sews the required number of new clothes in a size grid and distributes them according to requests to IDP centers, where people can take what they need, not what is available from the humanitarian aid. This is critical when a person needs specific sizes of clothing.

  • Our partners in this project

    The European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA) is a powerful community of nearly 300 member organizations from over 30 countries that share the same vision and common purpose: to create positive social impact through impact investing. EVPA fosters the development of an impact ecosystem and helps to engage social investors, foundations, corporations and policymakers to support social innovators and maximize their impact. EVPA supports SIA in Ukraine through the European Union-funded Collaboration for Impact project.

    SAP. SAP is one of the world leaders in the enterprise applications market, helping organizations of all sizes and specializations to manage their business more efficiently. SAP entered the Ukrainian market in 1995. In Ukraine, its customers include more than 250 government organizations, as well as enterprises in the oil and gas, energy and metallurgical sectors. SAP takes an active part in the development of Ukraine's national IT staff by cooperating with the country's leading universities under the global University Alliance program.

    SiLab. SILAB UKRAINE is a professional platform for the development of social entrepreneurship and social innovations, popularization of impact investing, and building social partnerships.

    Ukrainian Social Venture Fund. The Ukrainian Social Venture Fund invests in and supports social enterprises whose business models are based on achieving social and environmental change. The fund was founded by an initiative group that includes School of ME, ChildFund Deutschland, WNISEF, and SiLab Ukraine.

    The UCU Center for Entrepreneurship is a startup accelerator. The goal of the Center is to create an ecosystem for the emergence and growth of Ukrainian companies with a global mindset, as well as to develop entrepreneurial thinking. The Center focuses on two audiences: students and early-stage startups.

In general, the Social Impact Award Ukraine 2022 project has the following picture:


participating teams applied for participation in the incubation program


авторитетних експертів до складу журі конкурсу відбору у інкубатор


of participants took part in workshops


people were reached with an information campaign about the project through various communication channels. 

This brings us to the end of our third public report. We sincerely hope that after reading it, you will be a little more confident in the future of mindful entrepreneurship in Ukraine. We are always in touch via Facebook or em.emfoloohcs%40olleh. Thank you for your time, and see you soon!