Summer 2020 — Summer 2021

A year of ambitious desires and daily work.A time of change in society and team.
We, the School of ME, are faulty optimists and are confident that the business of the future will be100% environmentally friendly and mindful.
Thank you to everyone who has been with us this year. But we move on together, you know?


Greetings, friends!
For the second year, we have been publicly presenting the annual report. We will not recount all the challenges faced by organizations, enterprises and each of us last year. But we are extremely proud that this did not prevent hundreds of people from undergoing training, certification, changing themselves and the world around them, because it does not happen otherwise with conscious entrepreneurship.
Then we will tell you about everything and everyone in detail, and right here we want to thank our partners, thanks to whose support our ambitious dreams turn into a clear plan. Dear ChildFund Deutschland e.V, International Renaissance Foundation, Nechytailo Family Foundation, East Europe Foundation, WNISEF, USAID, ISAR Ednannia, SILab Ukraine, UCU Center for Entrepreneurship, you are the friends with whom everything is possible.
Well, let's go?

Artem Kornetsky

Co-founder and head of the School of ME

Important figures

4 projects

were in operation during the year

826 people

completed training in our projects during the year

2.929.752 ₴

directed to the development of mindful entrepreneurship in 2020 (financial report)

  • Who are we?

    The School of ME, or the School of Conscious Entrepreneurship, is a public organization that is celebrating its third anniversary in 2021.
    We are engaged in the dissemination of ideas of conscious entrepreneurship and the development of relevant projects in Ukraine.

  • What is "conscious entrepreneurship"?

    Mindful entrepreneurship is a concept that we develop and disseminate. It defines commercial activities that are designed to change the world for the better: to solve social and environmental problems, to take care of society and the planet, to create new opportunities for people.
    The emergence of conscious enterprises is preceded by the emergence of conscious entrepreneurs who act not only for their own benefit.The conscious enterprise uses the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the concept of Michael Porter's Common Value, as well as impact investment tools in its work.

  • What do we believe in?

    Vision:A society in which conscious entrepreneurship is an established and widespread practice.
    Mission:To implement transformational projects for the development of people and organizations to achieve value changes in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
    We believe:● business must bring good;● business must bring good and be profitable;● Education can be different: flexible, interesting, applied, and often also fun;● By virtue of people who unite around ideas can transform the world for the better.

  • Areas of our interest

    ● Social entrepreneurship● Youth entrepreneurship● School entrepreneurship


We continue to develop the direction of social school entrepreneurship, within the framework of the Social Student Companies to Activate the Youth project, which is aimed at training trainers in social school entrepreneurship for school teams, curators, school representatives and popularizing this topic in 200 schools in Ukraine. 
The project is implemented in partnership with ChildFund Deutschland e.V. with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany.


This is a large-scale initiative for the development of social school entrepreneurship (SSHP). We have created a system of support for SSHP on the ground, preparing trainers on the subject of SSHP, who will provide assistance to schoolchildren, and curators from schools to ensure the effectiveness of this process.

The project includes several stages:

  • Creation of an online platform for social school entrepreneurship in Ukraine

    Ta da da da-dam, meet
    It is an online portal for social school businesses, organizations and experts. #StudBiz is short for "student business", because that's how 'students' is commonly referred to as teenagers aged 14-18 in the West.
    On the portal you can find NEWS AND OPPORTUNITIES with educational and grant programs; CATALOGUE, which consists of three sections:
    Social school enterprises — a list of current Ukrainian school firms;
    Experts — contacts of trainers who can help with the creation and / or development of business at school;
    Organizations specializing in social school entrepreneurship.
    Already registered school companies are engaged in sewing eco-bags and printing on a 3D printer, located in the east and west of the country. We have created an opportunity for them to find new clients, and those who care to support the local school business.

  • Holding round tables to inform about the possibilities of social school entrepreneurship

    Round tables with representatives of education departments, local authorities and schools were held in five regions of Ukraine.

    Among the regions - Kyiv, Vinnytsia, Zaporizhia, Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv, a total of 42 participants.

  • Selection and training of 5 NGOs

    We selected organizers-trainers for social school entrepreneurship. The Project includes 5 organizations, 2 representatives from each - 10 trainers in total. Among the 47 organizations were selected:
    ● EDUCATIONAL AND CULTURAL ASSOCIATION (Lviv region)The case when the little ones give heat to the giants. Vilshanyk is a village with 1000 inhabitants in the Lviv region. Nothing special here. But who is special is the public organization of the village, which has already reached the regional level.
    ● STAN \ STAN art group (Ivano-Frankivsk)Culture, education, art, international partners — youth organization STAN knows how to fall in love with itself. Now their task will be to fall in love with the social school entrepreneurship of teenagers and educators of the district.
    ● Educational space 2.0 (Vinnitsa)Vinnytsia consistently falls into the top ratings of the most comfortable cities for living. And surely the activities of the Educational Space 2.0 also play a role here. The organization's team is already working with students and the city council to build school initiatives, so now it's time to reach a new level.
    ● Keeplife (Kyiv)This year the international charitable foundation "Life in Excess" celebrates its tenth birthday and, accordingly, age, the foundation demanded to expand the horizons. The birthday boy's wish is the law!
    ● Charitable Foundation "Impulse. UA" (Zaporizhia)Charitable Foundation "Impulse.UA" was created to help children in difficult life circumstances. Together we will work hard to squeeze as much lemonade as possible from those lemons that life sometimes gives.

  • 20 one-day crash workshops

    Conducting 20 one-day crash workshops on the topic of social school entrepreneurship by trained trainers in 20 schools. In total, 449 people took part in the events.

  • Selection of schools for funding and support

    Out of 217 applications, we selected 10 of the best:
    ● Volodymyr-Volyn secondary school No5 named after Anatoliy Korenevsky (Volyn region)● Kyiv Specialized Aviation Technology School No203● Bratslav specialized school (Vinnytsia region)● Zaporizhia gymnasium No6● Yuzhnensk secondary school No1 (Odessa region)● Irpin Academic Lyceum of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of            Ukraine (Kyiv region)● Novopskov General Secondary Education Institution (Luhansk region)● General sanatorium boarding school of the communal institution of higher education     "Khortytsky National Educational and Rehabilitation Academy" (Zaporizhia region)● Sambir gymnasium (Lviv region)● Vinnytsia Technical Lyceum
    A common feature that distinguishes the finalists is entrepreneurial thinking. Each time they did a little more than the conditions demanded.
    It was this trait that gave us confidence that when these social school enterprises are fully operational, and the curators, together with the students, go to Germany to share experiences, then this is still a question of who will learn from whom.

  • Intensive training for educators on SSHP was conducted

    2 training modules of 4 days were held for 20 people, 10 curators and 10 trainers each, on various issues of SSP development, from practical aspects of activity, marketing, management to legal – registration and taxation.

Our next steps in this project in 2021-2022:
1) Training of finalist schools - support during 4 months of development of SSHP in schools with training by responsible trainers, 200 students were covered.
2) Visit to Germany – 16 representatives of schools and NGOs go to get acquainted with the local practice of the SSHP.
3) The Conference on Social School Entrepreneurship is a large-scale event with a presentation of established school social enterprises.

Social Impact Award Ukraine 2021


A large-scale project for the development of social innovative startups in Ukraine. All activities can be divided into four areas: education, community, popularization, support. Among the 39 teams of social startups, we selected the TOP-10 to participate in the incubation program.
Social Impact Award Ukraine 2021 became possible thanks to the support of the Western NIS Enterprise Fund, the Nechytailo Family Foundation, SAP, the Ukrainian Social Venture Fund, SILab Ukraine, the International Renaissance Foundation and the European Union in Ukraine.
Information about the project is regularly updated on the resources: Facebook, the organization's website, as well as the website of the project itself.

  • The essence of the project

    ● Among all the applications, the authoritative jury of the competition selected 10 participating projects to be included in the incubation    program • According to the results of the incubation program, in the final of the competition the jury will determine 3 winning projects, each of         which will receive the first investment in the amount of 1500 euros. Additionally, the fourth winner will be selected by open voting. Representatives       of all four winning projects will receive tickets to the SIA Summit 2021.● The free online incubation program is valid for 10 selected projects from July to September 2021.● Each team will have access to closed workshops to gain new knowledge on social entrepreneurship and networking.● Each team will receive the support of a personal mentor, which will help them understand certain issues of running a social business.

  • How did we select participants?

    The selection process included 2 stages; 1 – filling out a simple questionnaire to identify those who wish; 2 – filling out a detailed application form through the specialized international CIA platform.

    Since the incubation program takes place on a specialized international platform, we held an online seminar on May 31, 2021, where we explained the application process on the SIA platform step by step.

    During the selection process, 39 project applications were submitted through the SIA platform. To single out the best, a short-list was originally created, which included 21 applications, which was then transferred to the jury for the final selection of 10 participating teams in the incubator.

  • The selection of 39 applications took place according to the following criteria

    1. Social value (influence) :● The relevance of the selected problem for the target audience.● The value and significance of the project's contribution to society as a whole.
    2. Innovation:● Novelty and non-standard approach to solving the problem.● Difference from existing solutions.
    3. Implementation:● Realistic business model.● Having resources to implement, or understanding how to get them.
    4. Team:● Experience and potential of project team members.● Motivation of team members to implement the project.
    To complete the selection process, a jury of 8 authoritative experts was selected.

  • Who got on the incubation program?

    10 Ukrainian social strippers joined the Social Impact Award community:
    ChallityChallity is the motivational application that solves the biggest problem of the 21st century — procrastination and lack of motivation. Here you can create a variety of challenges in the categories of sports, health, education, family and recreation.
    Quantularis neural networkNeural network analysis of radiographic and pulse oximetric data for mass operational intellectual diagnosis of COVID-19, detection of symptoms of more than 30 common diseases, management of supercompensation and production of myokines.
    IONKIDIT solutions for automatic documentation of ABA therapies, analysis of the progress of a child with ASD and creation of a curriculum. We allow you to scale the presence of supervisors and involve parents in therapies, which is important in the face of a shortage of specialists.
    CupForUThe service of drinks with it produces endless waste in the form of disposable glasses. The idea is to combine the city's coffee shops into a reusable cup rental system for such a service and minimize the amount of disposable garbage.
    Check ItThis is a game for schoolchildren and an assistant to a modern teacher, which allows you to form fact-checking skills while studying classical disciplines
    Tour Bureau Inclusion 360Organization of an inclusive route of a child with special educational needs from 3-18 years old (city and district) between all instances (state, commercial), which are providers of educational and correctional, social services 24/7
    Children from childrenA team of blind schoolchildren is working on children's content, attracting children from all over Ukraine to make it inclusive.
    SencyCryThis is a project consisting of a device for determining aggression by voice and accompanying sounds and a website that displays evidence of possible aggression
    MOZHNO Opportunity PlatformMozhno's goal is to disseminate information about opportunities for young people, such as education abroad, volunteering, internships, and other career and personal development opportunities. And most importantly - to support young people in achieving these opportunities.
    GuidARMobile application with augmented reality, designed to popularize and study the history of the native land. The app will encourage people to go out and spend more time there.



were covered by an information campaign about the project through various communication channels, they received information on the topic of social entrepreneurship and available opportunities to support and develop their ideas in this area in Ukraine.


participating teams

 applied for participation in the incubation program



of participating teams were selected in the short-list of the best ideas for evaluation by the jury


authoritative experts

in the jury of the competition for selection in the incubator


training seminar

to explain the process of selection and submission of applications for the incubator program



for the development of social entrepreneurship


workshop participants

were involved



The Incubator for NGOs and Social Entrepreneurs
is implemented bythe School of ME with the support of ISAR Ednannia
within theCivil Society Sectoral Support Initiative
implemented byInitiative Center to Support Social Action "Ednannia"
in consortium with theUkrainian Center for Independent Political Research (UCIPR)
andthe Center for Democracy and Rule of Law (CEDEM)
with the support of theAmerican people
through theUnited States Agency for International Development USAID Ukraine



modules on crowdfunding and self-sufficiency


months of immersion in incubation and strengthening of projects, products and teams


a team from all over Ukraine got incubated

● Immediately after the training, participants launch crowdfunding campaigns.
● Strengthening communities - participants will hold 2 online workshops in their communities      and talk about their experience and crowdfunding opportunities for local organizations
● Pitching projects to entrepreneurs, CSR business and potential partners

Mindful Business Day

On April 28, we held an Online Conference on the Social Economy in Ukraine.

The event was aimed at social, school, impact, creative and green entrepreneurs and those who want to become them: representatives of existing businesses who want to improve their social responsibility system; business students for whom it is important to understand business trends; representatives of NGOs thinking in the direction of business.

We talked in detail about the latest trend of social entrepreneurship, its prospects and opportunities in Ukraine.


Our process


Social economics

Can the utopian approach "economiy works for people, not people for the economy" become the norm? Continue discussing an article on VOX Panel Discussion with:
● Artem Kornetsky, PhD, co-founder and head of the School of ME Bohdan Androschuk, PhD, Head of the Eastern Partnership Department at ChildFund Deutschland, Germany
● Yuriy Lopatynsky, founder of the Walnut House
● Social enterprise Maryna Bohun, Communications Director of the analytical platform VoxUkraine
Moderator: Olena Tochilina


Social Impact Award in Ukraine

One of the most prestigious programs for young social entrepreneurs is now available for Ukrainians!
Conversation with the founder of SIA, Jakob Detering (Austria)– English Language
Presentation of SIA Ukraine Opportunities – Ukrainian Language
Moderator: Artem Kornetsky


Crowdfunding 2021Presentation of the STALI project

Moderator: Denis Bortnikov
> Full Video on Facebook <

We Develop Mindful Entrepreneurship

In addition to our own projects, we are actively developingsocial entrepreneurship, joining quality initiatives.


Webinar "Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship"

Artem Kornetsky spoke about social entrepreneurship of the 2020 model in a joint project of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, Diia.Business, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and Huawei Ukraine — webinar "Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship".
Sorted out the question:● How to develop business in the face of modern global challenges and benefit society?● The evolution of traditional business is social entrepreneurship, which allows you to solve current social problems and at the      same time earn money.● On the basics of starting your own, useful for society, business, the possibility of financing and implementing social projects.


UFB International Conference #SocialBusinessInUA

Viktor Konopkin took part in the UFB International Conference #SocialBusinessInUA from the Ukrainian Philanthropists Forum on how to successfully launch the educational course "School Social Entrepreneurship", and Artem Kornetsky spoke on the topic "Social entrepreneurship: where the world and Ukraine are moving"


Ukraine 30 Forum

On March 19, Artem Kornetsky took part in a special session of the Ukraine 30 All-Ukrainian Forum, where, together with other experts, they discussed the prospects of youth social entrepreneurship.