School of ME Annual Report

Summer 2019 - Summer 2020

Opening remarks


this is the first annual school of me report and I am especially pleased to write these introductory words addressing you. Although officially our organization began to work only at the end of 2018, we already have results that we want to share.

We are a unique organization that makes unique educational products. Everyone in our team believes that the development of Ukraine and the world is strongly connected with the development of business, which exists not only for profit. Such a business is called social, green, school and many other names that provide the potential for creating new standards for doing business. To accelerate these irreversible changes in standards, we are investing our efforts in the main thing - people who will become guides to the future or conscious entrepreneurs.

During the year, we managed a lot: we organized an Accelerator for social enterprises on the basis of UCU, began piloting the Ukrainian Social Venture Fund, released a manual for trainers on social school entrepreneurship, conducted a series of trainings in schools, and that's not all. The highlight among our activities is the creation of the first interactive video lesson on social school entrepreneurship, which we will present soon.

The School of ME continues to grow with you. We greatly appreciate the cooperation with our partners, including ChildFund Deutschland e.V, the UCU Center for Entrepreneurship, East Europe Foundation, WNISEF, as well as the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany within the framework of the Active Social Entrepreneurship in Ukraine project.

We plan to do even more, and invite you to join our new projects, which will also definitely become unique and important.

Artem Kornetsky
Chairman of the Board of the School of ME

Section 1. Information about the organizationWho are we? What do we do? What do we believe in?

Who are we? What do we do? What do we believe in?

The School of ME, or the School of Conscious Entrepreneurship is a public organization that promotes the ideas of conscious entrepreneurship and the development of relevant projects in Ukraine.
Our team consists of experts in relevant topics, experienced public figures and entrepreneurs. 
The main tool for the realization of our mission — to promote the dissemination of ideas of conscious business — we consider education, and therefore we conduct thematic trainings and lectures, accelerators for social business, courses on basic entrepreneurial education for teenagers.
And not only.

Types of conscious entrepreneurship that cover the activities of our organization

  • Socialentrepreneurship

  • Youth entrepreneurship

  • impact-influence-attraction-sway-spell-hypnotize



  • School entrepreneurship

  • Creativeentrepreneurship

  • Women's entrepreneurship

We have our own manifesto

We believe that:

1. Business must do good
2. Business must do good and be profitable
3. Education can be different: flexible, interesting, applied and at the same time fun
4. People who have united around an idea are a force that can change the world for the better

Our main achievements for 2 years of activity


Large projects implemented


Events were held


Participants were trained


Total people involved

Section 2.The main successes of the yearWhat did we do throughout the year? With whom and how did we do it?

ProjectsAlmost all year we, as an organization, lived and grew together with the participants of the Active Social Entrepreneurship in Ukraine project with the support of the German Foreign Ministry.
The project was devoted to the development of social and social school entrepreneurship in Ukraine, and it consisted of different stages: an acceleration program for 20 representatives of social enterprises, 13 trainings in schools of small towns and villages of Donetsk, Luhansk and Lviv regions, the development of an interactive video lesson on social school entrepreneurship.
In addition, within the framework of the project, the pilot of the first venture fund for social enterprises in Ukraine was launched — USVF, which has already made its first investments in five Ukrainian social enterprises.

EventsThe main events of this year were a series of online webinars "Mindful Business", which collected several thousand views on the organization's Facebook page. Within the framework of this series, there were three webinars from three different speakers, covering the main issues of conscious entrepreneurship:
"What is it?", "Who is it for?", "How is it?"
In addition to their own series of webinars, members of the School of ME team joined more than 15 thematic trainings and lectures from partner organizations, wrote five articles on social school entrepreneurship in the magazine for school principals "PUZO", helped in the creation of a manual and school course on social school entrepreneurship and received the first legal opinions for its legalization.

PartnersWe are sincerely glad that this year we have found so many partners, and among some of them - real friends.
Our main partners this year were:ChildFund Deutschland e.V., ICO "Eastern Europe", regional private equity fund WNISEF, NGO SILab Ukraine, Center for Entrepreneurship of the Ukrainian Catholic University, NGO "Youth Movement Shift" and many other wonderful organizations and people.

School of ME coverageWe managed to achieve unprecedented coverage figures. The number of followers of the organization's Facebook page increased by 324% (from 370 to 1200), and the average level of publishing coverage increased from 25 to 215 people, that is, by 860%!
In addition to quantitative indicators of coverage, the quality indicators have also increased significantly. The School of ME was mentioned three times in local news, we talked about the organization in 15 schools and at two conferences, 6 volunteers signed up for us, and at least once each of the 20 participants of the main project wrote about us on their Facebook.

Section 3.Our projects and eventsDetails about the largest projects and events we have implemented during the year


Active Social Entrepreneurship in Ukraine, or "Active Social Entrepreneurship in Ukraine" is the largest project we have implemented so far.

The essence of the project is simple:
To transform the idea of social entrepreneurship in Ukraine through education andhelp its main representatives with development.
The preparation and implementation of the project took us a year. More than 30 people were involved in the project teamand 300 people of different ages, genders, occupations and places of birth became project participants.

The project consisted of four main parts:


Acceleration program for social enterprises

We selected 8 teams of social startups and during six two-day training modules and active mentoring support (30+ hours for each team) helped them grow and strengthen their social enterprises. Three of the most promising social enterprises received grant assistance upon completion of the accelerator.


A series of trainings onsocial school entrepreneurship

The participating teams that completed the accelerator went to 13 different schools in small towns and villages in Donetsk, Luhansk and Lviv regions to conduct a two-day training on social school entrepreneurship in each. We also published a manual for trainers with the help of which these trainings were conducted, and today everyone can use it.


Interactive video lesson for schoolchildren and teachers

In partnership with the creative agency Vertigo, we created a 90-minute video lesson on social school entrepreneurship for Ukrainian schoolchildren and their teachers, and together with the lesson manual we uploaded it to the public domain.


Ukrainian Social Venture Fund

A separate part of the project, and in fact, a separate project was the creation of the Ukrainian Social Venture Fund , the first venture fund for social enterprises in Ukraine. Since February 2020, the fund has been operating in a pilot mode, and has already invested more than UAH 300,000 in 5 Ukrainian social enterprises.

Acceleration program for social enterprises

Acceleration program for social enterprises

To participate in the acceleration program for social startups, out of 152 applications, we selected only 20 participants from five different regions, which formed eight teams:
Excursion Bureau "Special Journey", Social Bakery "Dobrodiy", WoodLike Woodworking Workshop, Simka Contact Center, Independent Printing House "Bukivnichka", Shop "InvaFishki", IT School IT-Camp and the Laboratory for Gamification of Socially Important Topics. 
Among the participants were families, veterans of the anti-terrorist operation in eastern Ukraine, people with disabilities and a priest. During four months and six training modules, 20 lecturers taught our participants creativity, fundraising, marketing and strategic management.
Up to 15 other mentors - some of whom are successful social entrepreneurs - provided the teams additional advice on topics such as business modeling, social media presence and hiring. Seven trackers - each of whom was assigned to one of the teams - were in constant touch with the teams and took care of their successes and failures.

A series of trainings on social school entrepreneurship

According to the terms of participation in the project, after the completion of the acceleration program, each of the teams had to conduct a two-day training on social school entrepreneurship for schoolchildren in one or two secondary schools of small towns and villages of Donetsk, Luhansk and Lviv regions.
At the beginning of the project, it was planned to conduct trainings in 15 schools, but due to the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, trainings took place in only 13 schools, but covered more than 300 schoolchildren and their teachers.
In schools our teams taught students for two days what social school entrepreneurship is and how to establish this in their own school. The students went from generating an idea to creating a business plan for their own social school enterprise.
In addition to trainings, a manual for trainers of social school enterprises was developed during this stage of the project. Any teacher or mentor who is interested in creating a social school enterprise can use the manual to conduct training and further launch the enterprise.

A series of trainings on social school entrepreneurship

The last stage of the project was supposed to be a large conference on social entrepreneurship, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was decided to replace it with a video lesson on social school entrepreneurship in order to further increase the coverage of this important topic.
The result of this decision was the creation in partnership with the creative agency Vertigo of a 90-minute interactive video lesson for schoolchildren throughout Ukraine.
Since the general school year has already ended, we are looking forward to the start of the next one in order to hear - we hope - happy reviews about our video lesson and the history of its holding in dozens of Ukrainian schools in September.

Active Social Entrepreneurship in Ukraine in infographics


The Ukrainian Social Venture Fund, or Ukrainian Social Venture Fund, is the first venture fund in Ukraine that invests in social enterprises whose business models are based on achieving social and environmental changes.
It was founded as part of the Active Social Entrepreneurship in Ukraine project, and by the end of 2020 the foundation will operate in a pilot mode on the basis of the School of ME.
The fund's investors are legal entities and individuals, and the fund's model of operation is to provide selected social enterprises with fully or partially repayable grants.

The first results of the fund

Ukrainian Social Venture Fund started its activity in January 2020.During this time the first competition of partially repayable grants took place, the results of which are:


Social Enterprise took part in the first grant competition


Social enterprises were selected to provide funding by the fund


Selected social enterprises received UAH from the fund

Initiative Group of the Foundation

Several other wonderful organizations involved in the development of social entrepreneurship in Ukraine joined the foundation and management of the fund. 

Among them:


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way the world thinks abouteducational activities. The inability to host offline events has led toa sharp jump in the number and quality of online events.
We decided to respond accordingly to these changes and held our firstseries of webinars, called "Mindful Business".
For three weeks, every Friday, we went live with our experts in mindfulness andinformed entrepreneurship and discussed topics that are importantfor business as awareness, mission definition and team building.

Speakers and topicsFor a series of webinars "Mindful Business", we attracted three experts on this topic: Jasoulan Abishev, Elena Tochilina and Anastasia Tumanova.
Jasulan, co-founder of the School of ME and MBSR trainer coach at Mindful Academy, talked about what mindfulness is and how to comprehend it.
Olena, an expert on strategic development and mentor of a number of social enterprises, spoke about the importance of a social mission for business
And Anastasia, another co-founder of the School of ME and an organizational psychologist, revealed the topic of self-organized teams and the conditions necessary for their creation.

ResultsThe results of the first series of webinars for us exceeded all our expectations.
Despite a new topic for the Ukrainian market, each of the three broadcasts gathered no less than a huge number of live viewers. In total a series of webinars on our Facebook page gathered more than 1800 views, and the coverage of thematic posts reached almost 2000 people.
In addition, after completing all three webinars, we created our own YouTube channel, where we posted a full recording of each of the webinars.

Section 4.ImportanceOther Important Things We Would Like to Share

Our mysterious plans

What's next? Where is our liner of conscious entrepreneurship heading?

Social school entrepreneurship is a particularly important topic for us.
We believe that entrepreneurship is a way to change the world for the better, and that it is necessary to learn this method from childhood.
We believe that in 10-15 years the main drivers of change in Ukraine and the world will be those who now go to school, and therefore we are making every effort to make that reality.
In the future, we strive to work with schools even more and have already taken the first steps towards this: we conducted a series of trainings on social school entrepreneurship in schools, created a large interactive video lesson about it.
To the stars!

What do they say about us - our friends, participants and partners?


I highly recommend this organization for collaboration.
Taking into account the results of our cooperation, East Europe Foundation and I can personally describe the School of ME as reliable partners.

Victor Liakh

President of East Europe Foundation


Bukivnichka's team thanks the School of ME team for a cool acceleration program for the social enterprise Active Social Entrepreneurship in Ukraine.
We are happy that we met wonderful people who are faithfully doing their job, taking care of the ecosystem of social enterprise in Ukraine. The 6-module program we have completed is a huge baggage of practical advice, connections and acquaintances.
Thank you so much for such titanic work.

Petro Tkachyshyn

Co-founder of the independent bookstore Bukivnichka


ChildFund Deutschland e.V considers the School of ME as a reliable partner of civil society capable of implementing international projects.
This organization is recommended by us to cooperate.

Jörn Ziegler

CEO of ChildFund Deutschland


It was the coolest three months of our lives -three months of training in the acceleration program!
We thank all the organizers of the project, mentors, trackers, each lecturer and special thanks for the cool teams that you managed to gatherfrom all over the country.
Now we are not afraid to go forward, develop as a social enterprise and enter a truly new orbit!

Tatyana Gardymer

Co-founder of the excursion agency Special Trip


A place where it's really worth learning.
A great team that really knows what they're doing and why.

Igor Ilvutchenko

Co-founder of the school of non-formal IT education IT-camp

We are always in touch via
Thank you and see you soon!