Active Social Entrepreneurship in Ukraine 

Social Entrepreneurship Development Project in Ukraine

June 2019 — June 2020

Project News:

#ASEU everything (27.07.2020)
WOW... and the Active Social Entrepreneurship in Ukraine project has been completed. For a year, we rode around Ukraine, rocked social and school entrepreneurship, set ourselves challenges, and made sure that everything was in people.
No, not so, People with a capital letter. Traditionally, there are no noisy parties this year, and all the power of hugging online.
Short version: if you somehow crossed paths with us this year, we remember, love, and see you soon. That's #ASEU all.

  • Great premiere! (22.07.2020)

    We take the best educational experience of Europe and the USA, add a pinch of creativity, mix well with Ukrainian realities, and here it is ready - the first interactive video lesson on social entrepreneurship for students in grades 8-11.
    The topic of social school entrepreneurship (SSHP) is increasingly being discussed by Ukrainian educators and will captivate schoolchildren from the first time. Still, because as it turns out, the first business can be opened already at school and miraculously theoretical knowledge is transformed into practical skills. After the School of ME team and Accelerate#ASEU or graduates conducted trainings on SSHP for more than 200 students earlier this year, we made sure that the topic was interesting, but there are many questions.
    The video lesson consists of two parts and is recommended for holding in schools before the introduction of a course on social school entrepreneurship or even the start of a social school firm.
    The lesson is only part of all the materials we offer to use. More information on the website.

  • We go to schools (26.01.2020)

    And now let me present those schools in which the teams-graduates of the Accelerator#ASEU and their trackers will lay the foundation for a conscious and responsible business:
    ● Donetsk region, Ukrainian School No. 13 (Ukrainian)● Kramatorsk School No. 31 (Kramatorsk district, Ivanovka village)● Kramatorsk School No. 16 (Kramatorsk)● Mariupol School No. 33 (Mariupol)● Bilozerska School No. 18 (Bilozerske)
    ● Lviv region Pidhorodetska secondary school No 1 (Skole district, Pidhorodtsi village)● Pustomyty school No 1 (Pustomyty)● Drohobych lyceum No 2 (Drohobych)● Lviv secondary school No 77 (Lviv)● Stryiska secondary school No 5 (Stryi)
    ● Novopskov school No 1 (Novopskov)● Bridgeivska secondary school No 1 (Svativsky district, village Bridges)
    ● Lysychansk secondary school No 13 (Lysychansk)● Severodonetsk secondary school No 14 (Severodonetsk)● Bilovodsk gymnasium No 1 (Bilovodsk)

  • Launch of Ukrainian Social Venture Fund (23.01.2020)

    We give away money! Who wants it? Come and take!
    This is how the distribution of grants looks like and we will not destroy this fairy tale, we will only supplement it with a few "buts".
    So today, to the sound of fanfares, we are launching the Ukrainian Social Venture Fund. The fund is created by partner organizations of the School of ME, Kinderhilfswerk ChildFund Deutschland, Western NIS Enterprise and FundandSILab Ukraine.
    Already in early spring, four (or maybe five) Ukrainian social businesses will receive partially repayable grants in the amount of 2500-3500 €.
    So, dear entrepreneurs, get comfortable so that you have time to apply by February 7, 2020.

  • Start of the selection of schools for the project (06.11.2019)

    We are looking for 15 schools in Donetsk, Luhansk and Lviv regions (5 in each region) with responsible teachers or representatives of administrations who will help us organize two-day trainings for high school students. During these trainings, real social entrepreneurs will explain step by step how to find an idea and make a first business project out of it at school.
    To join the Ukrainian-German program and give children an additional advantage in life, you need: be a representative of the administration or teacher of any school in Donetsk, Luhansk or Lviv region;be ready to organize a group of 20 students in grades 9-11 for a two-day training (allocate a class or hall for training, agree on exemption from other lessons for these two days) inJanuary-March 2020; fill in the Form and wait for the results oftheselection (December 2019).
    The time to fill out the application form is 5 minutes, the application deadline is December 6, 2019, the result is a possible irreversible change in the better life of your students.

  • Teams participating in the Accelerator #ASEU (01.10.2019)

    152 applicants and 20 participants accelerator #ASEU. Each of them is already actively developing social entrepreneurship in Ukraine and in three months, under the mentorship of super-trackers, it will enter a new orbit. Meet the heroes: Laboratory of gamification of socially important topics (Kyiv)Team: Oleksandr Korenkov, Artem Konopkin IT-Camp (Mariupol) Team: Ihor Ilvutchenko, Halyna Ilvutchenko, Krystyna Trubnikova

    InvaFishky (Kyiv)


    Vitaliy Pcholkin, Denis

    Maistrenko, Oleksandr Kascheev

    Bukivnychka (Lviv) Team: Petro Tkachyshyn, Kateryna Tkachyshyn

    Contact center Simka (Ternopil) Team: Taras Khomitsky, Ivanna Khomitska, Iryna Mykhaylyuk

    WoodLike (Kostiantynivka, Donetsk region)

    Team: Natalia Pokolenko, Dmytro Pokolenko Social Bakery "Dobrodiy" (Sambir) Team: Oleg Zdrenyk, Tetyana Zdrenyk, Andriana Kuzenko

    Excursion Bureau "Special Journey" (Kyiv)

    Team: Tetiana Garmider, Lyubov Pavlov

  • Let's get the party started (2.08.2019)

    This moment has come: we announce the start of selection for the Accelerator #ASEU

    If you are social entrepreneurs, you have a team (2-3 people) and a prototype of the product / service, or you have already registered your company and work for up to one year, then our Accelerator is for you.

    The cost of one person's participation in the Accelerator is UAH 75,000, but you can get this opportunity for free. A total of 20 people will be selected from whom a responsible attitude to work will be expected, as well as participation in conducting trainings in schools with us.

    Do not miss the chance to bring your social business to a new orbit, gain super-experience and make a lot of useful acquaintances.

    The possibilities are incredible! Let's accelerate!

  • Big start of SUPER PROJECT (19.06.2019)

    We want more and more people in Ukraine to learn about social entrepreneurship, and the number of effective social businesses to grow steadily. This is the main goal of the Active Social Entrepreneurship in Ukraine project, within which we:
    -Create a social and entrepreneurial Platform based on the UCU Center for Entrepreneurship (LvBS) and open an Accelerator for social enterprises;
    -We will conduct trainings on social business in secondary schools with a focus on 3 regions: Lviv, Donetsk and Luhansk;
    -Create a Fund to support social enterprises in Ukraine;
    -We will hold an international conference on social entrepreneurship in Lviv (the component was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic).

    Prepare your applications already, because soon we will announce a set of commands, so stay in touch!

Project stages:

June - July 2019

Creation of a social and entrepreneurial platformbased on the UCU Center for Entrepreneurship (LvBS)

August - September 2019

Competitive selection of teams of socialentrepreneurs for accelerator

October - December 2019

Conducting an accelerator for social entrepreneursbased on UCU

January 2020

launch of the Social Enterprise Support Fund in Ukraine

May - June 2020

Creating an interactive online lesson onsocial school entrepreneurship

Accelerator for social enterprises  

6 training modules of 2 days each at UCU from the best trainers in the industry with paid housing, meals and travel compensation

More than 30 hours of personal mentoring from successful social entrepreneurs and business development specialists

Access to grant support for the development of a social enterprise

Opportunity to join the training on social entrepreneurship for schoolchildren

Topics of training modules

1 Social business and leadership
Speakers:Andriy RozhdestvenskyiNadiia Karpliuk Pavlo Koliapin

2 Creativity in business
Speakers:Yaroslav BelinskySofia OpatskaRoksoliana Voronovska

3 Fundraising and crowdfunding
Speakers:Lyudmila KryzhanovskaDaria KhyliukDenys Bortnikov

4 Practical marketing
Speakers:Ruslan RamazanovMikhail KrikunovOleg Duma

5 School of trainers
Speakers:Zakhariy TkachukVictoria Cherevko

6 Strategic Management
Speakers:Vyacheslav KrytsinOlena LeptugaOleksandr Synko


  • Illustration

    Yuriy Lopatynskyi
    Founder of the social enterprise"Walnut House"


    Igor Bula
    Founder of HebronSoft

  • Illustration

    Natalia Ryabukha
    Founder of the charity shop "Yasnaya Rich"


    Vladislav Malashchenko
    Founder of the bakery"Good bread from good people"

  • Illustration

    Denis Bortnikov
    Crowdfunding Specialist,"School of ME"


    Ruslan Ramazanov
    Graphic designer and branding specialist, "School of ME"

  • Illustration

    Vasyl Nazaruk
    Head of the social investmentprogram Western NIS Enterprise Fund


    Anton Kovyrev
    Director of the law firm "Alliance"

  • Illustration

    Lyudmila Kryzhanovska
    Head of Development Projectsat Lviv Business School of UCU


    Olena Nikishina
    Finance Specialist, "School of ME"

  • Illustration

    Andriy Levytskyi
    Founder of the social workshop "Woodluck"


    Elena Leptuga
    Editor-in-Chief, "Nakipelo"

  • Illustration

    Oleksandr Babiy
    Expert of the SME Development Office at the Ministry of Economy


    Mila Yazvinska
    Marketing and Communications Specialist, "School of ME"

  • Illustration

    Christina Magas
    Project coordinator, Teple Misto


  • Illustration

    Alina Bocharnikova
    Social Entrepreneurship Development Coordinator,
    "Future Development Agency"


    Victoria Kulakova
    Business trainer, marketer,
    brand master

  • Illustration

    Denis Bortnikov
    Crowdfunding Specialist,
    "School of ME"


    Pavlo Kolyapin
    Trainer in emotional intelligence, effective communication and sales basics

  • Illustration

    Nadiia Karpliuk
    Director of the Vinnytsia branch
    of the Computer Academy
    "Shag", business coach


    Kateryna Kukharenko
    Social Entrepreneurship Trainer, Professional Coach, Mentor, Supervisor

  • Illustration

    Olena Tochilina
    Business Development andMarketing Strategy Consultant

Project Team


Artem Kornetsky



Victor Konopkin



Ivan Petrenko

Coordinator / UCU


Anna Gladka

Coordinator / UCU


Olena Kucheruk

Coordinator / UCU


Mila Yazvinska

Communications Specialist


Olena Nikishina

Finance Specialist


Ruslan Ramazanov



Mykita Kopyltsov

Project Assistant Manager

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The Active Social Entrepreneurship in Ukraine project is implemented by the School of ME in partnership with ChildFund Deutschland e.V. and the UCU Center for Entrepreneurship (LvBS) with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany.